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2021 Campus Ambassador Highlight

Interns are hired by EOHI and its subsidiaries and work at the different office locations during the summer through the company’s Campus Ambassador Program. Receiving hands-on experience with meaningful projects, these interns see what it’s like to work for our employee-owned company and at the end visit headquarters in Houston to present their final projects to top leadership.

GCC had two interns (Juan and Tyler) who had the opportunity to work on various projects throughout the summer. Each of these projects taught them different skills and further knowledge within the fluid power industry. Take a look at a few of the highlights:

Oil Filter Cart

This project involved taking an existing filter cart and modifying it with fittings of a bigger size & adding a quick disconnect option to the existing cart. The original inlet & outlet sizes were a -20 and needed to be refitted to a -24. Our interns worked on the electrical side and were responsible for choosing the correct sized wire for the application given the motor was a 3HP 3PH 50HZ 380V motor.

Test Stands

GCC, with its sister company Supreme Integrated Technology (SIT), partnered to provide nine test stands to a customer. Our interns had the opportunity to travel to the equipment site and troubleshoot the level sensors which were not working properly. After troubleshooting, they determined that the issue was caused by a bent rod. This experience taught them how to assess a problem and identify the most efficient solution when working with hydraulic equipment.

Hose Crimping

During the duration of their internship, Juan and Tyler spent a good amount of time working in our hose shop. While in the hose shop, they learned how to change dies, correctly crimp a hydraulic hose, and complete a final check of the finished assembly. This experience allowed them to learn the process of hose crimping from start to end.

Our team at GCC enjoys bringing in students who are eager to learn and contribute to the success of our business. Providing hands on experience is crucial for students to grow their knowledge and skills. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication Juan and Tyler brought to our team this summer and wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors!