The first question you may ask is, “why is our logo the chambered nautilus?” Well, it’s said to be nature’s perfect example of fluid and gas controls, hydraulics, and filtration. To us, it graphically represents the range of our products. Its logarithmic spiral of curved chambers is symbolic of our longevity, strength, and continuing growth. Our expertise in the disciplines of hydraulics, pneumatics, automation and fluid conveyance offer the power and knowledge you need to complete every project. As highly technical sales and distribution organization, our customers know that they can always “Count on Quality” from GCC.




The GCC Company (GCC) was founded in July 1969 by George Johnson and Andy DeBoer. Since the beginning, we have always strived to deliver high-quality products, economically and efficiently to our customers.


In the 1980’s and 90’s, we expanded our presence throughout Florida, Southeast Georgia, and Puerto Rico, acquiring several distributorships engaged in fluid power and electronic/electro-mechanical motion control products. We also acquired a Miami-based hydraulic service shop known as Action Hydraulics, Inc., which allowed us to offer full-system capabilities to our customers.


In 2013, Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. (EOHI) acquired 100% ownership of GCC Company, welcoming GCC as the newest member of the EOHI family. Our objective is, and always will be, to provide the products, services, and solutions our clients require to achieve their goals.

Employee Owned Holdings, Inc., (EOHI) is the parent for GCC, as well as other companies that make up the EOHI family – all specializing in fluid power. EOHI provides corporate services such as operations, IT, marketing, accounting, HR and HSE for all entities – supporting the growth and success of each business.
At Action Hydraulics, our full-service repair, rebuild and test center in Miami specializes in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, pumps, motors and valves. All equipment repaired is inspected and cleaned to ensure proper function.
Founded in 1951 in Houston, Texas, Hydraquip has offices across Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Louisiana with a presence in Arizona & New Mexico. Hydraquip specializes in providing innovative power solutions across multiple markets. They offer system design, service & repair, and fluid conveyance through 63 world class manufacturers.
In 2015, Logical Controls integrated with the Mechatronics group at Hydraquip Custom Syustems to create Elite Controls, Inc. (ECI). ECI provides robust, user-friendly control systems designed to enhance the performance of equipment, improve the efficiency of operations and reduce the total cost of ownership.
SIT’s engineering expertise transforms ideas into success for hydraulic or electric powered moveable structures. Using innovative methodologies, SIT gives customers a single-source solution for marine, civil, jacking systems, industrial and military applications.
We pair technical expertise with high-quality products from world-class manufacturers to allow us to deliver full system capabilities to our customers. Whether it’s hydraulics, pneumatics, fluid conveyance, or automation – we can offer you everything you need to complete projects successfully.