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Advantages of DirectDrive Pressure Gauges by WIKA

WIKA produces a wide range of pressure measurement instruments, including pressure gauges. “Direct drive” is a type of pressure gauge mechanism used in some of WIKA’s products.

The pressure gauges in DirectDrive version do not require a movement. The pressure element is directly connected to the pointer or acts as a pointer itself. The shape of the pressure element provides for a pointer rotation proportional to the pressure. This design eliminates the need for a gear train or other transmission mechanism between the tube and the pointer, which can improve the gauge’s accuracy and reliability.

Special Features

  • Good vibration and shock resistance
  • Compact and robust design
  • Scale ranges to 0 … 450 bar [0 … 6,500 psi]
  • Stainless steel case, NS 36 [1.4″] and NS 41 [1.6″]
  • Ingress protection IP65 and IP67 available

The main advantage of a direct transmission of the tube travel lies in the higher shock and vibration resistance of the instrument. Firstly, there is no movement, consisting of multiple, delicate individual components, fitted and secondly, there is only a single connection point between the DirectDrive pressure element and the process connection. In addition, the specific form of the pressure element also contributes to these properties.

Direct drive pressure gauges are often used in applications where high accuracy and reliability are required, such as in the chemical, oil and gas, or pharmaceutical industries. They can also be useful in applications where vibration or shock may be present, as they are less likely to experience mechanical failure or damage.

GCC partners with WIKA to offer a variety of direct drive pressure gauges with different specifications, including options for different pressure ranges, materials, and connections. If you are interested in using a direct drive pressure gauge for a specific application, contact GCC to determine if this type of gauge is the best choice for your needs.

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