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Electric Linear Actuators Enhance Performance

How Linear Actuators Are Benefiting Part Quality

Any industrial designer will tell you that part quality is crucial to the design and functionality of your machinery, especially within the world of industrial equipment and automotive technology. The quality of the machine parts determines how they perform under strenuous conditions. Engineers regularly seek various channels of linear motion technology to find the best assembly and joining processes possible.

Electric high-force linear actuators provide the answer to enhanced performance – with higher levels of precision and improved reliability, these actuators present a better alternative to underperforming legacy fluid power technologies.

Precision Linear Motion For The Assembly of Powertrain Parts

Electric motion control has proven to have higher control capabilities for position, acceleration and deceleration, velocity, and force as compared to hydraulic motors.

An original equipment manufacturer in the agricultural industry moved from hydraulic equipment to electric linear actuation to benefit the efficiency of their power train parts assembly line. The manufacturer had been utilizing hydraulic cylinders for their assembly lines, but this had resulted in a lack of control of their motion profiles and inconsistency in the quality of their parts.

Once they saw the improvement that could come from the implementation of electric actuators, the manufacturer decided to make the switch. The outcome resulted in consistently increased accuracy and the production of higher quality parts.

Cleaner Motion Solutions With Electric High-Force Linear Actuators

The manufacturer decided on electric roller screw actuators for motion solution due to their precision and consistency of positional accuracy. In addition to the increased efficiency of the parts, electric actuators also provided a longer lifespan and improved results. The use of the electric actuators also made product changeover faster by increasing flexibility, preventing leaks, and taking away unnecessary downtime – all issues that are commonly seen with hydraulic systems.

Some models of linear actuators provide forces up to 58 kN, while other high-force linear actuators can reach as high as 180 kN. With access to a wide variety of actuators, roller screws, and screw technologies, the manufacturer was able to find the right combination of parts to meet their needs for force and speed for each of their applications. The manufacturer also received mounting options that helped to smoothly and easily integrate their motor into their control system which helped to cut down the time needed for line commissioning.


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