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Finding the Right Pump for Soft Gel Manufacturing

Soft gel manufacturing pumps have come a long way.

At one time, the manufacturing process was encumbered by antiquated mechanical technology which slowed progress even as demand for gel increased. Thankfully, businesses now have new alternatives for the long and nuanced gel manufacturing process. Understanding the key features to look for in a modern soft-gel manufacturing pump can help improve the process, control costs, and ensure that the capital investment will pay off for years to come.

Looking to Improve Your Soft-Gel Manufacturing Process? Four Pump-Shopping Questions to Consider

If you’re shopping for the ideal pump, chances are you’ll have your work cut out of you. These four questions provide a solid basis of evaluation during your selection process:

  • Is the pump low maintenance? Your pump should be able to cycle millions of times without breaking down or requiring attention
  • Is it accurate? Developing a reliable manufacturing process requires a high degree of control and precision in milliliters and microliters.
  • How are the control features? Some key areas of the pump you should be able to control easily and independently include the stroke rate, displacement, PC interface, and dispense volumes.
  • Is it innovative? Keep in mind, you’re not buying just for today, but for many years from now.

The Zaxis VMP Pump: GCC’s Pick for Soft Gel Manufacturing

Any manufacturer that is in the market for high-quality technology should carefully consider using a Zaxis VMP pump.

The VMP pump is an automated variable metering and dosing pump with out-of-the-box industrial Ethernet and serial controls. The machine’s dispense volume is automatically adjustable from mLs to uLs to accommodate a wide range of processes.

An inside look at the VMP reveals some of its best features, not the least of which are internal ceramics that are designed for literally millions of cycles with minimal downtime. The ceramic systems offer a higher-degree of precision while removing the drift that’s commonly associated with tubing and diaphragm pumps.

Control-wise, all of the VMP’s capabilities are highly accessible. Virtually anything can be controlled via an intuitive touchscreen interface that centrally controls key systems and settings, including all fluid control parameters. The system can be expanded to control up to 16 separate units.

Features include:

  • Millions of no-maintenance cycles
  • 1 percent accuracy or better with no drift
  • Two precision stepper motors for pump volume and speed adjustments
  • Patented, automatically adjusted dispense volume
  • Independently controlled stroke rate and displacement
  • Valve-less piston design
  • PC interface with control up to 128 pump modules
  • Programmable with 100 storable programs

GCC is a proud partner of Zaxis. For a full feature list or to learn more about the Zaxis VMP Pump, visit!