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GCC Partners with Rexroth on New Product Offering for Electrification of Mobile Machinery

Many off-highway OEMs are looking for ways to increase productivity of equipment, lower operational costs and reduce emissions (exhaust & noise). A principal way OEMs can achieve these goals is to consider electrification of equipment priorly reliant on hydraulic power. GCC works with many OEM customers during the design process of their equipment, and our supplier partner, Bosch Rexroth has a new portfolio of electrification solutions to help OEMs achieve their goals.

Bosch Rexroth developed the eLION 700 V portfolio based on knowledge gained from several business units to achieve the best solutions. Bosch has always had a core focus on automotive and commercial vehicles which provided significant headway into electrification for mobile machinery or “off-highway equipment.” Bosch Rexroth has used its scale of production for common auto electrification products, such as pressure sensors for anti-lock brakes and visual sensors in back-up cameras for collision avoidance, distance determination and object detection. Bosch also collaborated with factory automation for development of electric motors and inverters.

The eLION 700 v portfolio is the first product offering specifically dedicated to the off-highway market. The name is derived from “e” for electric and lion as a symbol of an animal who can conquer all, similar to the objectives of the product portfolio. It is designed for 700 volts because while higher voltage is needed for power density requirements of off-highway applications, it also lowers the current to allow for less expensive copper conductor solutions in systems.

The eLION 700 v portfolio is a complete range of products including motors, gear, inverters, gear units, pumps, onboard chargers, power distribution units and cabling. The system is run by BODAS (Bosch Rexroth Digital Application Solutions) which provides OEM with an easy plug and play data system and removes the need for customers to write all of their own code. BODAS infrastructure is open and modular, written with standard “codesys” for ease of adaptability. Bosch Rexroth provides a collection of apps for OEMs to choose from which manage a variety of operations: including fleet management, vehicle health, remote R&D services and vehicles operations workflows.

The eLION 700 v portfolio is currently accessible for demo units. As an exclusive partner with Bosch Rexroth, GCC is ready to provide the application expertise to assist OEMs with designing an electrification system using this state-of-the-art technology.