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How to choose the right position sensor for your hydraulic mobile equipment.

Position sensors have become more common to detect exact cylinder stroke velocity and position in a large variety of mobile applications including tractors, excavators, harvesters and other construction or agriculture equipment. Position sensors on mobile equipment confront added challenges due to their operating environment – dust, dirt, rain, cold and heat. The ruggedness of the applications may also present challenges of harsh duty cycles, unexpected shocks and potential explosion proof requirements.

Taking all these factors into account is critical for selecting the right sensor for your application.

How do position sensors work?

GCC works with MTS Sensors and its propriety Temposonics® magnetostrictive technology which consist of a ferromagnetic waveguide, a position magnet, a strain pulse converter and supporting electronics. The magnet connects to the object in motion on the application and generates a magnetic field at its location on the waveguide. A short pule from the sensor element is applied to the waveguide, which releases a torsional strain pulse that travels the length of the waveguide and is converted to an electric signal.  The speed of this ultrasonic wave is used as a measurement to provide linear position measurements with high accuracy and repeatability.  This technology isn’t directly connected to moving components on the equipment, therefore it can withstand harsh operating conditions, high repeatability and increase the lifespan of equipment (Sensor Selector Guide, MTS).

What options are available?

Standard (MH-SERIES MH): these are designed for direct stroke in hydraulic cylinders. They can be directly installed in the cylinder (head or rode side) or externally mounted.

Easy In-field Serviceability (MH-SERIES FMH): these are designed with two parts (sensing technology and electronics) which allow trained technicians to remove and replace components without breaking the seal of the hydraulic cylinder.

Safety Series (MH-Series Safety): designed in conformance with IEC 61508-2 (Safety Integrity Level 2) guidelines, these can only be installed internally to the cylinder.

Redundant (MH-SERIES MT): contain two discrete sensing elements, electronic boards and output connections for fail safe operation in the field.

Smaller Bore Cylinders (MH-SERIES MS): designed for cylinders with a bore of 28mm or larger.

External Mounting (MH-SERIES MXR): best suited for retrofit of older equipment, made specific for external mounting with a stainless-steel housing to protect sensor from external elements.

Compact (C-SERIES): used for the smallest applications, lightweight for portability and with low energy requirements for cost of operation.

Considering these factors of your application can feel like a difficult task.  As an authorized distributor of MT Sensors, GCC has the expertise to assist you. Contact us for more information –