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Hydraulics & Pneumatics in the Food Processing Industry

Hydraulic & pneumatic equipment is crucial throughout the food and beverage industry. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems perform a wide variety of tasks, from moving ingredients along for processing, to final packaging, and even product loading. These systems carry out countless tasks in every aspect of the food and beverage supply chain. And extreme temperatures, high pressure, and high speed are frequent conditions in this industry that should be considered.

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems are at work in almost every preparation, processing, or packaging plant. They are regularly used to help provide torque, force, displacement, and rotation not just to the products themselves but to other components within the system. They often serve as actuators along the production line aiding in any number of tasks, including opening and closing oven doors, aligning packaging with dispensers, redirecting certain types of products along the production line, and assisting with cleaning and sanitation processes.

However, hydraulics and pneumatics are not solely used as actuators. Along with cylinders, there are hydraulic motors that can generate tremendous torque for blenders and mixers as well as air compressors that can generate high-pressure, fast-moving blasts of air.

Featured Applications

  • Sealing bottles and cans
  • Chopping, cutting, slicing, and dicing systems
  • Blow-molding and manipulation of food-grade packaging
  • Ingredient dispensers
  • Conveyance systems that move, sort, and distribute products to different destinations
  • Huge mixers and blenders
  • Forklifts used to transport raw ingredients and finished products
  • Shaping and forming of food products

Food, beverages, and hydraulics all have one thing in common: the need for cleanliness. Contamination isn’t an option, and that’s why hydraulic components, such as hydraulic cylinders, can be manufactured out of stainless steel. And not only do these components need to be sanitary, they also need to be able to function under a wide variety of conditions, such as high temperatures, pressures, and speeds.

We combine our vast knowledge of the industry to help customers maximize production, reduce costs, and improve safety. If you are looking to install or upgrade your food processing equipment, GCC is here to help.