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GCC Crimper Program

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Power Crimp® 707 Crimper

Gates CG32TSi Crimper

GC™32TSi™ Crimper

MobileCrimp® 4-20 Digital Dial Crimper

Gates® GC™16XD™ Mini Crimper

Here’s How It Works:

GCC will loan a Hydraulic Hose Crimp Machine that you can use at no cost along with pumps and die sets?

In exchange for the use of the machine, we require three things:

  1.  A signed loan agreement.
  2.  An agreement to purchase all hose & fittings from GCC.
  3.  An initial stock up inventory order to be mutually agreed upon by you and your GCC representative.

*The required spend to qualify for each crimper varies

Benefits of GCC Crimper Program:

  • You get the use of a new or completely refurbished machine without the initial investment.
  • Your only expenditure is to purchase hose and fitting inventory… items that you need to purchase anyway.
  • You reduce your downtime, or the downtime of your customers, by having the capability to produce hydraulic hose assemblies on site.
  • GCC has over $1M of hose & fittings inventory ready for purchase.

How Do You Get Started?

  • Contact your GCC Account Manager or send us an email at so we can walk you through the process.
  • Determine what sizes and styles of hydraulic hose and fittings you use or may use in the future.
  • Place an order for the appropriate inventory of hose and fittings.
  • Schedule a time for your GCC Account Manager to meet at your facility to conduct machine training.

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