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Our hose kitting services can decrease customer costs by streamlining manufacturing processes and eliminating on-site errors. Working with world class manufacturing partners including Gates, Anchor Fluid Power & Brennan; we ensure quality, accuracy and on-time delivery. We provide cleanliness testing as well as leverage efficiencies at our Hose Build Center to decrease lead time and meet your application requirements.



We clean and test 100% of the hoses built in our hose shop. For high pressure applications, we utilize a clean lab to build and test hose assemblies to ISO 4406 standards. In high pressure applications, stray particles/contaminates can cause costly damage to the pumps and other components in your system. Our clean lab and ISO standard of testing can give you confidence that your system is protected.



Every hose built is labeled with a record of installation, work instructions and record of build ensuring consistency with every hose assembly we provide and you an easy way to track that hose should it ever need replacement in the field.



A large percentage of our hose customers are OEMs because GCC doesn’t just build individual hoses, we assist with the design of hose routing for the application and put together kits with every hose you need for a piece of equipment (can pack in order of assembly). Reduce costs in your assembly process with plug and play kits – saving time and cost of wasted/incorrect hose cut and crimp. We ship hundreds of hose kits per year with anywhere from 3 three to over two hundred hoses per kit.

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For immediate assistance, call 305-537-2962 now!