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New Challenges & Opportunities for Electrifying Mobile Machines with Bosch Rexroth’s New Electric Solutions Portfolio

We understand many of our customers are looking for electric and hybrid solutions. GCC is here to support design of your equipment and provide technical expertise in mobile electric systems and automation.

Looking for mobile electric solutions? GCC’s partnership with Bosch Rexroth includes a new electric portfolio for mobile applications that complement the advanced hydraulics already available. Heavy-duty construction, agricultural and working machines that typically use diesel engines to power their drivetrains and hydraulics are now being electrified; some construction equipment suppliers now offer a complete line of heavy-duty machines that are all battery electric. Mobile machine electrification needs robust, reliable technology to ensure the machine’s implements have the power needed to do their jobs.

Electrification for off-highway applications must make optimum use of electric and hydraulic components. It takes a certain amount of power to enable the implements to handle the job — which requires hydraulic pumps, valves and electronic controls that are both compact and powerful enough to fit into tight machine enclosures while providing the necessary performance.

Bosch Rexroth’s eLION portfolio, comprising motors, inverters, cables, power distribution units, DC to DC converters and on-board chargers, offers mobile machine OEMs a powerful new platform to accelerate electrification.

The newest generation of 700-volt electric motors and inverters, along with a new generation of gearboxes, hydraulic components and controls, is rapidly advancing the pace and potential applications for diesel-electric and battery-electric heavy-duty mobile machines.

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