GCC Welcomes Branko Horvat as new Sales Manager for Pacific Northwest Region

Kent, WA – February 25, 2019: GCC, previously recognized as Gulf Controls Company, Inc. announces the hiring of Branko Horvat as Sales Manager for the Pacific Northwest region (GCC NW) to manage [...]

What is Motion Control Technology?

By definition, motion control is the control of position, speed, and acceleration. Because motion control involves real objects, this technology requires more precision and reliability than other [...]

Why Rexroth Hydraulic Products Are Your Top Choice

Do you need help to meet the hydraulic pump requirements for your project?  Rexroth has the technology necessary to help you find the right solution for your job.  Companies worldwide use Rexroth [...]

Can Hydraulic Systems be Energy Efficient?

In modern day vernacular, the phrase energy efficiency is commonly associated with environmentally friendly or “green” values, especially as they pertain to natural resources. Efficiency is about [...]

Gulf Controls Company to Become GCC with Acquisition of Valin Corporation’s Fluid Power Division

Tampa, FL – On November 30th, 2018, Gulf Controls Company, Inc. acquired the assets of the Fluid Power division of the California-headquartered Valin Corporation. Valin Fluid Power is a [...]

High-Force Linear Actuators: Screw Types Explained

Whether equipment in a foundry, a press in metal forming or guiding heavy logs in a sawmill, many applications require high-force linear actuators. Regardless of the application, the designer [...]

How to Troubleshoot Mobile Hydraulics

Even a well-manufactured hydraulic system will begin to malfunction at some point, requiring a repair or replacement. It’s possible hydraulic fluid has been contaminated or perhaps the machine [...]

Choose the Right Hydraulic Fitting

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all of the options for hydraulic hose fittings? A lot of options exist in the industry – our goal is to give you a very basic guide to definitions of types of [...]

What Hydraulic Pump Type is Best for my HPU Design?

Which pump you choose for your power unit affects the nature of your HPU builds. Pump choice usually depends on cost, complexity, and performance. There are three major types of pumps to select [...]

Advanced Pump Control from Rexroth

No matter what, your control pump will only provide as much flow and power as you need. How do you decide which pump is suitable for your specific applications? Below we’ve shared a few pump [...]

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