Know When, Not If, You Need To Replace Your Linear Screw Actuator

Linear screw actuators deploy mechanical components including but not limited to: ball bearings, ball screws and roller screws. These components experience wear and tear through their usage. It [...]

Choosing Manufacturing Options in the Digital Age

If you use heavy, mobile machinery – such as construction vehicles or agribusiness equipment – you should look for manufacturing options allowing the most variety and customization [...]

Message from the President: This Holiday Season – Thankful for our Customers & Employees

I would like to take a moment this holiday season to sincerely thank our customers for entrusting our family of employee-owned companies with their projects and the opportunity to earn their [...]

Electric Linear Actuators Enhance Performance

How Linear Actuators Are Benefiting Part Quality Any industrial designer will tell you that part quality is crucial to the design and functionality of your machinery, especially within the world [...]

The Future is Here: Robot Guidance Systems for Optimized Part Localization

Automotive production lines can be expensive, inefficient, and fraught with human error. SICK, Inc. has a revolutionary robot guidance system that allows assignment of complex tasks to robots, [...]

Innovation In The Hydraulic Hose Industry

The hydraulic hose industry has seen a wealth of development, sprouting from the ever-changing market and growing applications needs. The standards for equipment development are steadily being [...]

Is a Rodless Electromechanical Actuator Right for You?

Linear actuators are essential in manufacturing environments; there’s no getting around it. And while the decision to use a linear actuator is in most cases an obvious one, matters can get more [...]

What’s Old is New Again: The Future of Hydraulics

In a Jun. 14 article published in the online journal Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Dr. Steffen Haack, an executive at Bosch Rexroth AG, makes a series of observations about the unrecognized [...]

GCC Relocates Kent Office to Larger Facility – More Capacity for Its Northwest Customers

Kent, WA – June 26, 2019 – GCC (formerly Valin Fluid Power) today announces the relocation of their Kent, WA office to a new building located at:   6608 South 211th Street, Suite 101 Kent, [...]

Rexroth Paints a Bright Picture for Connectivity and Hydraulic Valves

“Connectedness isn’t just for electro mechanical drives any more,” says Jeroen Brands of GCC’s valued supplier, Rexroth, a Bosch Company, in a recent blog post on their site. According to [...]

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