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Norgren Product Highlight – Excelon Plus

We’re excited to provide you with the latest generation of air preparation equipment from our partner Norgren – Excelon Plus. Excelon Plus offers exceptional performance, is compact and light-weight with no compromise on robustness, and is suitable for all industrial applications. Excelon® Plus has been designed with safety in mind, offering built in, tamper proof features and a unique double lock mechanism on the bowls. Maintenance of the unit is simplified with the new system where the element assembly is removed together with the bowl. The innovative family of Excelon® Plus products can be used where both stand alone units or modular assemblies are required thanks to the slim line Quikclamp system. The one piece Quikclamp assembly with integrated brackets allows installation and removal of the units without breaking a pipe connection.

  • Three filter variants
  • Two regulator variants with three spring choices
  • Two lubricator variants
  • Combination units – standard & IO-Link connected
  • Two Soft start dump valves


The Excelon® Plus general purpose filter offers 5µm or 40µm particulate removal, with water extraction levels of >98 % (84 Series) and >95 % (82 Series). Maintenance of these units is quick and easy, as the filtration cartridge remains inside the bowl when it is removed. The cartridge then simply unclips allowing for clean and efficient disposal, and replacement with a new cartridge.


The Excelon Plus pressure regulators offer 3 output pressure ranges: 60 psi, 145 psi and 250 psi. Both general purpose regulators and filter-regulators are available with optional integrated digital pressure switch and gauge. Offering Industry 4.0 connectivity via IO-Link, the digital gauge allows for remote set-up and visibility of application performance data for improved monitoring – making it an ideal option for machine builders looking to invest in digitally future-proofing their systems.


The Excelon Plus range includes micro-fog and oil-fog lubricators to suit all industrial applications.

  • Micro-fog: allow very fine control, ensuring that the systems are not over lubricated – a common problem with intricate pneumatic circuits, and are perfect for small rapidly moving applications.
  • Oil fog: This lubricator is most commonly used in heavy actuation applications and is best used close to the area requiring lubrication. One benefit of this type of lubricator is that it does allow for the oil reservoir to be filled whilst the system is running.

Combination Units

Excelon Plus combination units are pre-assembled and ready to install, providing everything you need for best practice air preparation.

Soft Start Dump Valves

These valves allow w downstream pressure to gradually increase on initial start up, before fully opening to deliver line pressure. The dump function allows the system to be exhausted quickly when required, particularly in the event of a power failure or emergency stop.

At GCC, our reliable, world-class products, which include those from Norgren, and a highly technical staff allow us to offer full system capabilities to our customers. We have a deep understanding of hydraulics, pneumatics and automation, which allows us to provide what is needed to complete the project successfully. Contact us for a quote.

*Content provided by Norgren.