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Norgren Product Highlight – VR10/15 Valve Manifolds

Norgren’s world-class products help improve performance and productivity. As a trusted partner, GCC has access to their latest technology including the VR Series Valve Manifolds.

Flexibility and modularity have reached new levels with the Norgren VR Valve Manifold range. A simple plug-in, sub-base style design allows for valves to be easily exchanged for quick installation and maintenance. Expanding the size and functionality of your Valve Manifold to match the changing demands of your application is a simple “plug-and-play” experience and includes the latest communication protocol options for compatibility with existing and new systems: Multipole, Ethernet/ IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, IO-Link Slave. Available in two body sizes – 10mm and 15mm, the VR10/15 Series can be used across a broad range of industrial automation markets, from food & beverage, packaging, labeling, textiles, glass production, to metal production and paper and print.

Product Highlights:

  • Modular – A modular system offering a wide range of configuration options
  • Flexible – Available in 10mm and 15mm with up to 24 solenoids with a wide range of valve functions
  • Reliable – Using proven technology for long life over 30 million cycles
  • Connected – Multipole, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, IO-Link Slave
  • Easy Installation – No restrictions in installation as connectors can be horizontal or vertical. Valve Manifold can be direct mounted or mounted on a DIN rail.
  • Maintenance Friendly – Simple plug-in sub-base valve exchange allows easy exchange of system components and interruption-free valve replacement option; and integrated silencers offer simple replacement
  • Energy Saving – Low power solenoids (0.4w power consumption) with LED indicators
  • Easy to Configure – BEST IN CLASS online configurator

Our deep understanding of pneumatics allows us to offer full system capabilities to our customer to complete a project successfully. With the help of Norgren, we’re happy to provide the VR10/15 Series to be used across a broad range of industrial automation markets from food & beverage, packaging, labeling, textiles, and glass production to metal production and paper and print. Contact us for more information.

*Content provided by Norgren.