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Tank Level Gauging

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The Rosemount 5400 Level Transmitter provides accurate level measurements of liquids, slurries, and solid materials. The non-contacting measurement technology with no moving parts requires minimum
maintenance. It measures the level top down and is therefore unaffected by most fluid property changes, like density and viscosity.
Enhance production and efficiency with the industry-proven Rosemount™ 3051, a reliable, ready-to-install, flow, level and pressure solution. The transmitter is optimized with a Local Operator Interface
(LOI) and Power Advisory Diagnostics to reduce installation and commissioning time. These transmitters reduce downtime and meet tough process requirements, including hygienic applications. With wireless capabilities, these devices enhance monitoring of your entire operation and perform well even in remote and hard-to-reach locations.
Rosemount Inc. is a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Company.
  • Scalable to number of tanks, with dedicated radar gauges for any type of tanker and cargo
  • Flexible to specific needs such as protocols
  • Customized user interface, tailored to ship specific loading procedure
  • Integrated readings of tank level, draft, trim and list, temperature, pressure and alarm levels
  • Emerson’s 3-in-1 solution: Level, independent high-level and overfill alarm or redundant level measurement in a single deck penetration

Tank Level Gauging

GCC is the North American partner for Emerson-Rosemount Tank Radar gauges set the standard for reliable and accurate tank gauging onboard all types of tankers and cargos, including custody transfer system for liquefied gas carriers.

  • Guided, Pulse and FMCW Radar Technologies
  • Smart Signal Tracking Enhances Accuracy
  • Meets all Major Classification Societies and Flag Regulations
  • STaR Series: unique 3 in 1 Feature Allowing Level, High Level & Overfill in One Tank Penetration.
  • New Patented Pulse Radar Design generates 4 times greater signal receipt strength than competitors.
  • Predictive system diagnostics optimizes up-time.