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Product Highlight – Clippard’s Gradient Valves

Clippard’s NIV series multi-channel gradient valves are specially designed for mixing and blending corrosive fluids such as those in applications involving volatile reagents, harsh cleaning agents, or other aggressive media.

NIV series gradient valves feature multiple 2-Way, Normally- Closed solenoids connected around a central body. This unique design provides significant reduction in internal volume with enhanced mixing capabilities. Each actuator operates independently, allowing for flow of various media to be mixed or for one media to be split into multiple streams. Multiple inlet flow paths are connected to a single outlet flow path, with each inlet having its own embedded isolation valve. Each NIV series isolation valve features a unique one-piece valve stem that functions as a sealing membrane, opening and closing the flow path while also supporting and centralizing the poppet in the seating area. This multifunctional diaphragm/poppet results in a simplified design that provides exceptionally long life and minimal dead volume. Unlike other isolation valves, all wetted areas of the Clippard NIV series valves are precision-machined from PTFE—including the diaphragm—resulting in a highly inert flow path with no elastomers.

These gradient valves are useful for solvent selection, stream splitting, flushing, mixing, diverting, blending, indexing and other automated applications.

  • PTFE diaphragm isolation valves
  • Low dead volume
  • Low leakage isolation design
  • Compatible with corrosive and aggressive fluids
  • Flow paths may be controlled individually
  • Equal pressure drop, response time and internal volumes

The flow path design, in combination with the NIV series valves’ fast response times, allow for quick, easy mixing or selecting from up to six sources. The valves are also bidirectional, providing the added benefit that a single cleaning reagent can be flowed backward through the system from the outlet port in order to easily clean the entire mixing system.

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