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Product Highlight: CPC Hybrid Series Connectors

Modern devices and applications – such as medical equipment, aesthetic therapy devices including laser hair removers, and more – are complex and often require multiple connections from cooling fluid, electronics, and even air. 

Trying to decide which connections go where is often a time-consuming process that can be fraught with user error. CPC connection’s hybrid connectors can combine all critical connections into one – for ease of use and with a decrease in costly and even dangerous effects from misconnections. CPC’s Hybrid Series connectors utilize a revolutionary single, integrated interface that securely locks all connections in place with easy installation.

These hybrid connectors come in many configurations to suit the needs of the end user, alternating the types of connections dependent on the application’s specific needs.

The main benefit of a single hybrid connector over multiple connections is simplicity. It’s easier to operate, faster to put together, and smarter to eliminate costly mistakes and misconnections. It also makes the device it’s attached to appear visually cleaner. Overall, these connectors greatly improve a user’s experience by producing faster, more accurate results in a range of applications:

  • Design engineers are able to develop new devices with a single hybrid connector – instead of going through the exhaustive effort validating many other individual components; here only one product needs to be tested and validated.
  • Production planners only need to inventory a single product instead of dozens or even hundreds of individual components.
  • Medical staff and technicians prefer hybrid connectors because they simplify the task of completing multiple connections, making it less time-consuming, confusing, and significantly downgrading the risk of error that could potentially put patients in harm’s way. 

Incorporating CPC hybrid connectors into your devices simplifies layout, making them more user-friendly – increasing brand loyalty with clients, visually improving design, and making development and validation of new devices faster, safer, and more convenient.

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