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Custom Driven Winch

Project Highlights:
  • Two Gypsy Head Winches/Ship – Safe Working Load: 4000 lbs
  • MIL-STD-1399 electric motor and brake (fully sealed)
  • For use with synthetic fiber rope
  • Capstan like, single gypsy head design, mirrored image port and starboard
  • Custom built electrical joystick controls
  • Highly specialized raw materials

Custom Innovation Doesn’t Come Out-of-the-Box – In Partnership with SIT


Specific needs call for uncommon expertise. In one case, the client was looking for winches for an all-new vessel. But not just any commodity winch would do: the client needed a custom, military-grade winch built to a specific NAVSEA design option.

Unfortunately, the client had some difficulty finding takers for the job; most vendors prefer to sell out-of-the-box winches rather than do custom winch fabrication. For SIT, however, the job was an opportunity to demonstrate innovative engineering on a commoditized product.

Ultimately, SIT delivered a military-grade classic winch almost entirely fabricated in-house. Not only was SIT able to provide the winch, but the electronics as well. All the electronics parts were built in-house, including a custom master controller.

Testing was rigorous for the completed project: there are expected to be a minimum of 12 winches in total, all of which meet or exceed the requirements, from light line to static load capacities of more than 30,000 pounds. The client was thrilled to have these ship-specific winches performing so well for their exact needs, and especially happy to have a vendor that could supply the electronics as well.

  • MIL-STD Ratings
  • NAVSEA Design
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