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Protect Employees with Social Distance Barriers

As we continue to fight the new normal of COVID-19, protecting employees and customers is a top priority. Physical social distancing barriers and are helpful for creating safe workspaces. These barriers minimize the spread of germs without being dependent on human behavior.

We offer a variety of social distancing barriers that can be custom built for a wide range of industries and applications. These protective devices are designed with the Rexroth aluminum profiles for easy assembly and versatile use. The adjustable elements and simple structure guarantee sustainability.

Standard Barrier Models:

  • Counter Protection with Transparent Window: highest industrial standard, easy to clean, flexible set up
  • Counter protection at a reception: customizable protection and partition walls
  • Office workplace with partition: simple attachment on an existing office desk to shield people
  • Hanging Sneeze Guards: applied to challenging applications that require a lot of hand-space
  • Isolation Booths: allow personnel to stand and interact safety with outside personnel
  • Standing and Portable Wall Barriers: portable partitions to separate people and provide distance in an area

It is vital for everyone to actively play a part in slowing the spread of COVID-19. These cost-effective solutions offer a visual reassurance to employees entering the office and customers completing transactions that proper safety measurements are in place. From concept to completion, our team can create a functional barrier to satisfy all your safety requirements.

Interested in designing your made-to-order social distancing barrier? Contact us to learn how GCC can support with barrier requests.