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Schroeder Industries is Changing the Game of Filter Technology

Schroeder Industries all-new Spin “In” Filter, or SPI, is set to dominate the space typically owned by low-performing Spin “On” types of hydraulic filters. The SPI is a low cost filter with patented de-aeration performance and quality protected elements. It’s primary purpose is to turn the Spin On industry on its head and offer what they DO NOT. This low cost filter has the characteristics and performance of our high end line filtration but at a cost comparable to low cost spin on hydraulic filter housings.


  • Available in two (2) performance ready sizes
  • Operating pressure up to 100 psi (7 bar)
  • Minimum yield pressure testing up to 350 psi (24 bar)
  • Rated fatigue pressure up to 100 psi (7 bar)
  • Flow rate ranges from 40 gpm (151 L/min)


  • Available with Schroeder’s quality protected elements and the all-new Lock & Key patented aftermarket retention solution
  • 360° swivel connection allows filter to stay connected during changeout
  • Reduces the reservoir size when ordered as part of a tank optimization program
  • Uses a less complex hose and fitting routing system when compared to cheap spin on replacements. This makes for a more spacious filtration experience.


  • Lock & Key technology perfect for OEM aftermarket retention
  • Fluid conditioning systems
  • In-plant systems
  • Mobile equipment
  • Power transmissions
  • Process systems
  • Return lines
  • Side loop systems

GCC is proud to partner with Schroeder Industries for your hydraulic filtration needs. Our partner continues to make technological strives in their types of filters, filter media, and filter element specifications today.

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