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Safety Products
GCC is partnered with SICK who provides sensor intelligence for many industrial applications. As one of the leading providers of safety technology, SICK offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and systems for fulfilling safety requirements in compliance with legislation and standards. SICK is able to provide complete safety solutions including light curtains, laser scanners and controllers. As an authorized distributor, GCC has the expertise to assist you with the best product for your next application. Contact us for more information.
deTec4 Light Curtain Sales Overview
deTec4 Light Curtain Initial Start Up
deTec4 Light Curtain Prime Configuration Tutorial
MicroScan3 Safety Laser Scanner Overview
MicroScan3 Safety Laser Scanner Robustness
MicroScan3 Safety Laser Scanner Core with Ethernet IP and CIP Safety Tutorial
Flexi Compact Safety Controller Overview
Flexi Compact Safety Controller Installation
Flexi Compact Safety Controller Setting the IP Address