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Code Readers

GCC is partnered with SICK who provides sensor intelligence for many industrial applications. As a leader in identification technology, SICK offers fixed mount bar code scanners and image-based code readers to communicate inside industrial networks. As an authorized distributor, GCC has the expertise to assist you with the best product for your next application. Contact us for more information.


Fixed mount bar code scanners:

The CLV6XX series reads bar codes at various distances and with different object sizes with just one device, provides coverage of wide reading areas, has high read stability even in varying ambient light, and has low commissioning costs as auto-focus function means setup could not be simpler.

CLV6XX Overview
CLV63X Initial Setup
CLV650 Tutorial

Image-based code readers:

The LECTOR series image-based code readers offer flexible reading of various code types, monitor code qualities to optimize processes by using code analytics in the device, and subsequent image analysis as images of identified objects are stored.

LECTOR 620 Overview
LECTOR 620 Autofocus
LECTOR 650 Tutorial