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Interested in trying out the new WOB-L Piston Pump?

With greater efficiency and flexibility guaranteed by a brushless motor, coupled with an innovative speed control system and the time-tested WOB-L®piston technology, these pumps are equipped to meet your exact requirements.

2320Z1 Series Benefits:

  • Open flow range of 1.83 cfm to 3.38 cfm (51.7 to 95.8 l/min)
  • Flow rate range of 0.99 cfm to 1.80 cfm (28.0 to 50.9 l/min) at a working point of 60 psi (4.2 bar)
  • Max pressure/vacuum of up to 60 psi (4.2 bar) or 90% local barometer
  • Plug-and-play easy to use BLDC technology
  • 24VDC and 48VDC motor options
  • Onboard integrated brushless DC (BLDC) motor controller
  • Seven convenient fixed speed output selections
  • Optional PWM input for variable speed control
  • Pressure or vacuum capability
  • Proven WOB-L piston technology
  • Versatility and ease of pneumatic plumbing
  • Durable die-cast aluminum components
  • Compact and lightweight design, ideal for portable applications
  • Wetted parts treated for corrosion resistance
  • Field serviceable

Click here to view the 230Z1 specifications.

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