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Why Rexroth Hydraulic Products Are Your Top Choice

Do you need help to meet the hydraulic pump requirements for your project?  Rexroth has the technology necessary to help you find the right solution for your job.  Companies worldwide use Rexroth to supply their components, system solutions, and provide the expert knowledge you’ll need to ensure your project is done right.

Hydraulic Pump Solutions

We recognize that one design won’t create hydraulic pumps for all jobs.  Rexroth provides a large variety of products, including variable and fixed displacement pumps.

Axial Piston Pumps

These pumps are noted for being exceptionally strong. You will like how long these pumps remain in service, while still being so economical and highly efficient.  Axial piston pumps from Rexroth can provide the most diverse, optimally matched, and user-oriented solutions for you hydraulic needs.  Some of the industries using these pumps include:

  • Steel works and rolling mills,
  • Foundries,
  • Shipbuilding,
  • Plastics industries, and
  • Wood-working.

Pressure-flow-Controlled Systems

These systems are a closed loop electronic control system that focus on pressure, flow, and output.  This provides a high dynamic response while offering significant energy saving.

Applications for these pumps include:

  • Plastic machinery,
  • Presses, and
  • Test stands

Vane Pumps

When you need a variable displacement pump that can work at low pressures, this is the pump for you.  We have a hydraulically operated version of this pump from 14 centimeters to 150 centimeters, and even more controller variants available.

These pumps are often use for:

  • Machine tools,
  • Gluing stations,
  • Assembly stations,
  • Test stand construction, and
  • General machine construction.

Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps

Rexroth makes vane pumps, Type PVV and PVQ, which are specifically useful in low and medium pressure range operations—especially when economic efficiency and low-noise are considered optimal.   These pumps are also easy to exchange with displacer kits available all over the world.

Common Applications

  • Circulation, filter/cooling circuits,
  • Plastics machinery, and
  • General machine construction.

Radial Piston Pumps

These are high power-density pumps noted for having a long service life.  These pumps are often used when the nominal pressure is to 700 bar when clamping or other high-pressure applications are being performed.

Common uses for these pumps include:

  • Clamping functions in machine tools and
  • Presses.

Internal Gear Pumps

These pumps can be, and have been used, in almost every sort of industry  where the internal gear pump needs very low flow pulsation and low noise and sound emission.  These pumps can be used in most applications when keeping sound at a minimum is materially important.

A few common uses include:

  • Packaging industry,
  • General machine construction,
  • Plastics machinery,
  • Food industry,
  • Nibbling machines, and
  • Many more uses.

External Gear Pumps

One of the more important reasons an external gear pump is used is affordability.  These pumps are also advantageous for their use flexibility.  The modular design of these pumps mean that customers can mix and match components to achieve the exact pump they need.

Common applications of external pumps:

  • General machine construction,
  • Material handling,
  • Agricultural engineering, and
  • Construction machinery.


Find the right pump for your need.  We at GCC work hard to create the right product for your needs and the expertise to help you determine the best pump or pumps to maximize your production and profit.